ZARS 's VoIP phone service helps you save money every month by using your existing high speed Internet connection to make calls in the US and internationally to more than 60 countries. You can also take your home number with you anywhere you use your smartphone. Make and receive calls via a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection (standard data rates apply) and you get the same great rates you get at home - and don't miss important calls while away.

We at ZARS intend to make Senegal (for the first time in the world) a Wi-fi hotspot thereby empowering its people to make calls locally, within their region, within the country, and across the Globe from regular home phones, handheld mobile phones, call shops at Hayo e-World’s, connect to the internet through high-speed broadband (for home and offices), and corporate leased lines for large, medium, and small enterprises together with a host of other value-added services. All this at the most economic prices and with the assurance of high quality at all times to give that extra edge to the people of Senegal.