ZARS Mobile App is your alternative for voice calling services which you can completely rely on for all local, national and international calls – all at the same rate!A wide range of services to help your business ZARS continually strives to enhance the customer experience and ensure we deliver the most definitive and secure global exchange platform in the industry.To help achieve this, we offer a wide range of services across all aspects of the industry. These are designed to help operators of all sizes gain increased market access without having to invest time and money to do so, as well as improving the offering for the end user.

We at ZARS intend to make Senegal (for the first time in the world) a Wi-fi hotspot thereby empowering its people to make calls locally, within their region, within the country, and across the Globe from regular home phones, handheld mobile phones, call shops at Hayo e-World’s, connect to the internet through high-speed broadband (for home and offices), and corporate leased lines for large, medium, and small enterprises together with a host of other value-added services. All this at the most economic prices and with the assurance of high quality at all times to give that extra edge to the people of Senegal.